Monday, 28 July 2008


Yes, I know, a cheesy title, but I'm new to blogging and so don't have any real experience of creating witty, pithy titles. I also have little to no experience of picking themes for blogs, so let's just settle on this blog being an introduction to what I intend to do with my future blogs. A preview perhaps, or maybe a preface. A 'pre-' something either way.

As the somewhat grandiose title I have chosen for my blog suggests, I plan to take on the world in my blog. Yes, it's a bit of a ridiculous idea and I have yet to decide whether or not to let people know about this blog or not, but I have been restless for too long - I need to express some of my ideas as they are driving me mad. In my head they remain half-formed and, often, ill-informed, so this blog is partially aimed at providing me with the means and motivation to work out my political views and, perhaps, to help me create a solid foundation from which to persue a career in politics.

That career is, however, just an idea - I'm not doing PPE at Cambridge, I'm doing Anthropology at Kent. Not because I couldn't do PPE: I'm sure I could cope with the course; but because I am not certain what I want to do and Anthropology struck me as a fascinating subject. All of this is by the wayside as my political views and general musings are the centre of this blog.

I will almost certainly start off my blog a little ignorant - for an 18 year old I'm fairly world-aware, but by no means would I consider myself aware enough to write well about anything. As the blog evolves, however, I hope to develop and learn more about the world and the way it works, until I can write more than just competently about vague political ideas that I hold; that is, until I have sufficient grounding in political and economic history to start to debate issues with a degree of objectivity.

To conclude this introductory blog I shall list a few of my political ideas. Broadly speaking I would consider myself an open-minded, left-leaning liberal, but that is a very broad category and my opinions differ on many different issues. I say left-leaning as I'm not an idealistic follower of communism, and am probably not even a socialist, but I am a big believer in the Welfare State and feel that society should exist for the benefit of everybody.

One of my key beliefs is that of choice - everybody should be free to choose every aspect of their lives. I appreciate that, in reality, this is downright difficult, if not impossible, to acheive, but that does not mean that more people could be more able to choose. Another important aspect to this belief is that people's choices should not negatively impact on other people's quality of life.

On re-reading that paragraph I'm aware of the idealistic and possibly naive tone of that paragraph and I would like to stress that those are simply examples of vague ideals that underline my political philosophy. I say 'vague ideals', perhaps 'core values' is a more appropriate and befitting label. We all have core values that underline, maybe even define, our opinions and points of view - these core values are without a doubt symptom of the idealism of youth. What is important to note is the pragmatism that I hope to apply to these values. You could say that I'm aiming for Yin and Yang in my politics - balance between two opposing forces.

There, I feel I've said enough for my first blog. Hopefully you've gained an insight, however small, into my mind.

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