Wednesday, 30 December 2009


This morning the training began. And my lord, wasn't it wet! I ran just under 5 miles in 38 mins 29 seconds despite the mighty forces of nature determined to stop me. Rounding the corner into Woolacombe I found myself being blasted in the face by strong winds and ice cold rain. It was certainly an experience!

On the bright side, the route was moderately hilly, the weather was terrible, and my pace was pretty decent. I slowed down on two occasions to prevent vomiting (told you it was quite a decent pace) but overall I kept up to speed and felt pretty good.

Distance - 4.9 miles
Time - 38.29
Pre-run state - Indifferent, fairly hydrated
Post-run mood - Good
Prior sleep - 8/8.5 hours sleep
Aches and pains - Slight headache after run
Notes - Felt extremely motivated to do more exercise following the run

Monday, 28 December 2009

2009: A review of my year

So, 2010 is upon us. Not quite yet, but it certainly is not far off, so I feel that this is a good time to review my year and outline my plans for 2010. Plans I have, many in number, great in scope. That, admittedly, sounds a little ridiculous. Oh well, on with the show.

2009 was an interesting year for me. I started the year fairly confident of who I was and what I liked, disliked and wanted. By the end of the year (i.e. now) I had learnt an awful lot about myself. Not in the way I had intended, by trying to take up French or resolving to work harder for my degree, but in many ways I hadn't expected.

For one, I discovered motivation again. Following my fairly decent results for my first year at uni, I decided that I would work for my second year and take my degree seriously. Freshers' week rolled around, term started, I wasn't working toooo hard; then the deadlines happened. I stepped up (by and large) and started to work. Work, work, work, work. To be honest, it was rubbish, but it taught me two important lessons: 1) that I can still work hard and achieve and 2) that I should really organise my time more efficiently.

Other key experiences this year: a couple of big arguments with my girlfriend left me considering my approach to life... hopefully I've sorted the issues at hand; an epiphany has left me with every intention to undertake postgraduate training in accountancy, thus providing me with an idea of a career to head into; and finally, randomly and spontaneously going SCUBA diving (and enjoying it like nothing else on earth) has left me with a desire to try anything and everything that I fancy.

SO, after that quick review, I would like to outline my intentions for the year 2010. I intend to keep this blog up, informing anyone, everyone and no-one of my progress this year. I have every intention to succeed at my (14) resolutions (including taking up Mandarin [yeah, I know, difficult], run a triathlon [scheduled for probably the 2nd weekend in September], and do some accountancy-centred work experience) and to continue laying foundations for my personal, emotional, financial (well, kinda) and professional future.

In conclusion, 2010 will hopefully bring luck and happiness, much as 2009 did. 2010 will also, ideally, bring a change in my attitude to life, and thus a paradigm shift in my outlook on life. I will strive to improve, I will strive to succeed. And, most of all, I will strive to be a better person this year, both physically and personally.

That is the plan.