Wednesday, 30 December 2009


This morning the training began. And my lord, wasn't it wet! I ran just under 5 miles in 38 mins 29 seconds despite the mighty forces of nature determined to stop me. Rounding the corner into Woolacombe I found myself being blasted in the face by strong winds and ice cold rain. It was certainly an experience!

On the bright side, the route was moderately hilly, the weather was terrible, and my pace was pretty decent. I slowed down on two occasions to prevent vomiting (told you it was quite a decent pace) but overall I kept up to speed and felt pretty good.

Distance - 4.9 miles
Time - 38.29
Pre-run state - Indifferent, fairly hydrated
Post-run mood - Good
Prior sleep - 8/8.5 hours sleep
Aches and pains - Slight headache after run
Notes - Felt extremely motivated to do more exercise following the run

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