Saturday, 9 January 2010

Triathlon training begins...with a story!

So, it's a new year, a new goal (a sprint triathlon in September, and a new me. This year I'm going to get fit. Normally I'd stick 'again' at the end of that sentence, but I'm am going to finish the year fitter than I've ever been, hopefully peaking at the start of September for the triathlon.

A couple of details firstly... Last year my friend Ash and I were 2 of the 3 members of a team that did the very same triathlon as I'm planning on conquering this year. We raised a load of money for charity and had a laugh. What we hadn't anticipated was the tri-bug. It was so much fun, so addictive, that we had to do it again, individually this time. And much, much faster!

So Ash and I decided to place a little wager between ourselves as to who would be the victor. Currently all the smart money is on him, simply because he's a lot more active, cycles and swims a lot better than me, and is in much better shape than me (his VO2 max is high enough for me to worry about it, though I have no frame of reference).

So 2010 is the year in which I am going to go hard, or go home. Except that I'm not giving myself the 2nd option. I am going to push and push, train and train, until I am ready. Last year I squeezed my training into the last 2 weeks before the race - I hurt my knees on 2 occasions, having rested them after the first time (!), AND I wasn't as fit as I thought I was... the race was horrible, painful, looooooooooong (although 5k isn't very long for me, being a runner) and culminated with an ill-advised, but truly epic, sprint finish, at which my body said, "No way mate". I vomited just after the finish line.

None of that will happen this year. I am going to storm to victory!

And then gloat some!


  1. Saw your post on BT. Great job with your goals for 2010 and good luck with your training! Cheers! (PS I love the "messy liver" descrition in your profile!)